Sunday, December 10, 2017

Beyond the Sidewalk by Jonie McIntire

NightBallet Press is very pleased to announce the publication
of two new titles by two fantastic Ohio poets:

Beyond the Sidewalk by Jonie McIntire, and Artifacts by Kerry Trautman!

The actual print date was November, but due to some unforeseen and unavoidable delays, NightBallet was unable to announce publication until today. These two books are incontrovertible proof that some things are well worth waiting for!

This is one-half of two announcements.  For Kerry Trautman's Artifacts, please go here.

Beyond the Sidewalk is a beautiful homage to McIntire's beloved city, Toledo.  Its thirty-two pages contain twenty-four poems and one photo, including several of her "zip code" poems, written in response to Toledo City Paper's "Ode to the Zip Code" contest. Among the gems contained within its pages are "I Hate the Factory that Takes You So Often" and "What the Dog Buried."  McIntire's love for her hometown shines throughout the book, and her wry humor takes you along with her as you both travel "beyond the sidewalk."

(for the poets Toledo has lost)

The open-palmed pushes
of John, Patrice, Don,
Greg move us all
sidewalk blocks forward.
Even after they let
go, we roll on
peddling our poetry.

(photo by Chuck Schmitt, used with permission)

Jonie McIntire is poetry editor of the Toledo Streets Newspaper, a founding member of the Toledo Poetry Museum and Almeda Street Poetry Co-op, and organizer of the annual 100 Thousand Poets for Change events in Toledo.  Her work has appeared in Red Fez, Sam and Andy's Uptown Cafe (Westron Press, 2001), and the 2016 Hessler Street Fair Anthology (Crisis Chronicles Press), among others.  A number of her poems have been stamped into cement as part of the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo's Sidewalk Poetry series (a photo of one of her poems is included in the book).  She is the author of Not All Who Are Lost Wander (Finishing Line Press, 2016). 

Beyond the Sidewalk is printed on crisp, thick, white paper.  The white linen-textured cover contains stunning artwork by Kevin Eberhardt, his "The Memory of Sun in an Aqueous Sky," which is complemented by the deep aqua cardstock insert.  Beyond the Sidewalk is available beginning today, December 10, 2017, for only $8 plus $3 shipping!  (For customers outside the U.S., please contact NightBallet Press for postage pricing.)  Get your copy today and discover what treasures exist "beyond the sidewalk"!


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