Thursday, November 22, 2018


I am thankful
for all the wonderful people who touch my life during the year, and for the honor and privilege of making books for poets who trust me with their manuscripts.

Each year, Pushcart Press permits little magazine and small book press editors to nominate up to six works by writers they've published during the calendar year. The deadline is December 1st. Acceptances for the annual Pushcart Prize Best of the Presses anthology usually begin arriving in April.

These are the NightBallet Press Pushcart Prize nominees from 2018:

Pat & Bill Hurley
from the NightBallet Press book Hard to Swallow, February 2018

Alex Gildzen
"Our Lady of the Dark"
from the NIghtBallet Press book Son of Hollywood, March 2018

John Burroughs
from the NightBallet Press book Loss and Foundering, April 2018

Jeanette Powers
"How We Got to Cedar Creek"
from the NightBallet Press book Gasconade, April 2018

M. J. Arcangelini
"Marcus Has Sold His Pick-Up Truck"
from the NightBallet Press book Waiting for the Wind to Rise, August 2018

Sandra Feen
"Palms Monday"
from the book Fragile Capacities, October 2018

Congratulations to the nominees! We will keep the fingers on both hands crossed as the envelope carrying your works wings its way to New York.

If you wonder how I've arrived at the choices above, it's entirely subjective. These are poems that caught my attention, made me laugh, made me cry, made me want more.

If your work wasn't chosen, please don't think your words touched me any less. I can only choose six poems from all the ones I've published over the last eleven months. Your poetry is just as special to me, and I assure you I'll continue to seek showcases for you and your books.

Thank you, all of you, the poets, the readers, the supporters, for another spectacular year here at NightBallet Press.
I love you.