Sunday, February 23, 2014

On the INTERSTATE with Douglas Cole!

NightBallet Press is delighted to announce the first publication in this new year of 2014,
Interstate by Douglas Cole!

Interstate by Douglas Cole features a stunning cover photo of the South Satiam River in Oregon, taken by Tracey and Sarah Hiser, printed on creamy cardstock with an olive cardstock insert.  The chapbook contains 32 pages of 18 poems, printed on soft white paper matching the cover cardstock.

Of the poems in this book, David Bates, editor of My Favorite Bullet, says:

"The poetic institution that nature's elemental beauty somehow trumps humanity's complexity in meaning is an exploding myth. Interstate takes us on a “blind drive” into the emotional geography of the American Northwest, where nature continues to recover from it's own volcanic self-destruction. Cole's journey--in his car, in motel rooms, in campgrounds--initially seems a final grab at the idea that there is simple reason in the mountain, and simply chaos in the city. But this conceit fails to his credit. Anxiety and tranquility are not mutually exclusive. And the black highway between the two is where these poems live."

Through poems like "Map of the Cascades", "All Rivers Are One", "Indian River", and "Holy River Gorge", Cole takes us on a trip of discovery across the interstates of road, river, and reflection.  And believe me, this is one trip you won't want to miss.

Curtis Harrell, poetry editor of VISIONS, a Journal of the Arts, says "Douglas Cole's crystalline images propel his poetry down the page like water flowing down a fountain."

Douglas Cole, who lives in Seattle, Washington, has had work appear in Red Rock Review, The Chicago Quarterly Review, and Midwest Quarterly.  He is a recipient of the Leslie Hunt Memorial Prize in Poetry for a selection called, “The Open Ward,” as well as a Best of Poetry Award from Clapboard House and First Prize in the “Picture Worth 500 Words” poetry contest by Tattoo Highway.  He teaches writing and literature at Seattle Central College, where he is also the advisor for the literary journal, Corridors.

Interstate is available to order beginning now right here at NightBallet (see the column to the right of this post), directly through PayPal, and also is listed for sale on Amazon.  Take a ride with Douglas Cole today!