Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hold onto something! HURRICANE MOUTH is here!

Hold on to your hats this breezy month of April, because Hurricane Mouth is here!

NightBallet Press continues to celebrate and honor National Poetry Month by publishing a second chapbook in as many weeks, and we are enormously proud to present
Hurricane Mouth by Amanda Oaks!

Hurricane Mouth is a 40 page chapbook of 25 poems by Pennsylvanian poet Amanda Oaks.  Oaks is the founding editor of Words Dance Publishing, and her work has appeared widely, including in Dressing Room Poetry Journal, Glamour, Elle, and Artful Blogging.  Check out her website at, and her publishing at

photo (c) Casey Rearick, used with permission

  Amanda Oaks at Snoetry 4 in Cleveland, Ohio 2014  

Oaks "believes in our collective & creative freedom & enjoys laughing more than most anything."  Her beautiful spirit shines throughout the 25 fascinating and accomplished poems in  Hurricane Mouth.  In "How to Pick Up the Pieces", she writes

You will outgrow this.  You are lion's
teeth.  You are medicine tongue.
Your roots are resilience.  When
you have your heart under a
magnifying glass the only thing
left to do is sing for the sun &
light yourself on fire.  Be ready
for the next good gust but
remember that you are not
a candle.  You are not a match.
You are a goddamn wildfire.

The text of Hurricane Mouth is printed on soft, brilliant-white paper, and the cover is a textured ivory cardstock with a sandstone brown cardstock insert.  The cover art features a photograph of a fragment of a much larger beautiful and highly unusual mosaic created by Cleveland artist Colleen Fraser. Check out the entire mosaic at Stone Mad Pub, 1306 W. 65th Street, Cleveland, Ohio!  Permission to use the mosaic art was graciously granted by Eileen Sammon, co-owner of Stone Mad Pub.

Get Hurricane Mouth and be blown away by its amazing poetry!  Buy Hurricane Mouth through PayPal right here on this website, or order it on Amazon!