Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month, and NightBallet Press is celebrating all month long!  To kick off the festivities, we posted the exciting video "Lens" by John Burroughs yesterday; for an exclusive peek at his amazing performance, go here. 

To continue the joyous celebration and appreciation of poetry, NightBallet Press is extremely pleased and honored to announce the publication of Elise Geither's new chap Monologue for Poets!

With three sections of monologues (Poetry, Excerpts from Plays, and Performances for Two Poets), this chap is a treat for the mind, ear, and tongue.  Elise Geither's Voice is strong and consistant throughout, and her images will burn themselves into your retinas and into your hearts. 

NightBallet is deeply grateful to John Burroughs's granddaughter Jada for the beautiful smile that graces the cover of Monologues for Poets, and to the artistpoet (yes those two words are inseparable) Bonné de Blas, who graciously permitted the use of three of her artbook photos for the chap. 

Beginning today, Monologues for Poets is available for sale right here on the website, and of course, Elise Geither will have a number of her own for sale.  Stay tuned for announcements concerning upcoming readings where you can experience Elise live, on stage, aloud, and monologuing!

NightBallet promised we'd wallow in poetry this month, and wallow we shall:  there will be a number of publications following Elise Geither's Monologue for Poets

The first of the poems in the NightBallet Broadside Series 2012 will be printed during April; the first two are "La Seducción en Español" by Skylark Bruce, and "Of Ashes and Dreams" & "Dike 14" by Miles Budimir.  Both broadsides feature very different Voices, and NightBallet is proud to present them to you for your poetic  pleasure.  I'll post photos when they've been printed and are available.

We'll be publishing another chap within the coming week or two:  Map Wrapping Paper Cradle Dangler by recent Kent State University grad Kara Johnston.  Her delightful poems interweave themes of ocean, sunlight, wings, and love in a quietly sensual way. 

Time and the gods permitting, NightBallet plans the publication of at least one additional chap after Johnston's, and perhaps even two, during the month of April, so stay tuned for further news!

NightBallet strongly urges you to write poems, read poems, attend poetry readings, submit your poems to journals, support your local poets by buying their chaps, versify, rhymify, rappify, shout it from the rooftops, howl during this National Month of Poetry.

Thank you for your past and continued encouragement and support.  NightBallet Press is proud to present the musicality of language and originality of expression, and could not do so without the many wonderful Voices of all you poets who make up my world.  I love poetry, and I love you.

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