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SEASON  2  (September 2012 - September 2013)
  Tangled as the Alphabet by Lyn Lifshin   $10
  Lipsmack! A Sampler Platter of NBP Poets Year Two  $5
  Unfinished by Jack McGuane  $5
   For the Young Poets of Cleveland by Mike Finley  $5
   In Brilliant Explosions Alone by Steve Brightman $5

Belt Buckles and Bibles by George Wallace $5

  Stitched Together by Laraine Seidl  $5

  Fall of the Ramen Empire by John Dorsey  $5
  Mosaic by Margie Shaheed $14

 $10 This title is available by clicking on a link on the homepage

  Talisman by Chansonette Buck $5

  Chaos Theory by William Merricle  $5

 As the Caffeine Kicks In by Christopher Franke $14



 Selected Regions of the Moon by J. E. Stanley $14

Steven Smith Hip Cat $10
Zach Fishel  $5

  Lipsmack! A Sampler Platter of NBP Poets - Year One   $8

 Erren Kelly $10 Please contact the publisher for a copy

  The Hunger Dictionary by Andrew Rihn  $7

  The Eater of the Absurd by John Burroughs  $10

  Earthquake Weather by Joey Nicoletti  $8

Season 1 - Our First Year 2012

Black Rainbow by Russell Salamon $10 


  Passd Ports by Alex Gildzen  $8

  The Act of Dwelling by Bonne de Blas  $8

  White Girl Problems by John Dorsey   $5
  Buzzkill: Apocalypse - an End of the World Anthology $20

 Knife Edge & Absinthe-The Tango Poems by Lyn Lifshin $14

  Map Wrapping Paper Cradle Dangler by Kara Johnston $7

 Poetically Incorrect by Zach Ashley $10

  Monologues for Poets by Elise Geither  $10

 Sometimes, Illinois by Steve Brightman  $5

  Coyote Moon by Jim Lang  $15
  Batik by Heather Ann Schmidt $10 Contact the publisher for a copy of this title.

 A Hurricane of Moths by T. M. Gottl $8

 An Uncountable Infinity of Orgasms by Terry Provost $8
beneath each Us & All by Ralph LaCharity $10 Contact the publisher for a copy of this title.

  The Hard Stuff by George Wallace $8

  Sleeping Beauty's Revenge by George Wallace $5 Contact the publisher for a copy of this title.

Blood Oranges by Chansonette Buck $5
Chickenhawk by Jack McGuane $5 This title is available through a link on the homepage. Scroll down the right column.

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