Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Forecast Calls for EARTHQUAKE WEATHER!

I don't know how the weather is in your part of the country, but here at NightBallet Press, we have Earthquake Weather!  That's right, NBP's latest chapbook publication Earthquake Weather by New York poet Joey Nicoletti has been officially released!

Earthquake Weather is a handsome 28-page chap containing 21 media-savvy, icon-contemporary, detail oriented, tightly crafted poems.  Each poem contains a tasty little slice of the author's life:

from "Risotto Elegy":

She talked about the time she tried
to build a campfire in their backyard
by rubbing my brother's Lincoln Logs together.

from "Condemned Mental Hospital Elegy":

...I put the key
in my sea-green hatchback's scratched ignition.

Factory smoke gathers
like street gangs in my rearview mirror.

from "What I Learned from Ringo Starr":

It's okay to leave
the company of the Maharishi
if the food is too spicy.

from "The Spot":

Snowflakes spit out of clouds
like slot machine coins.  My dog
scratches my leg;
he wants to go
to his favorite patch of grass

Nicoletti's poems are full of very natural references to the Death Star, Green Lantern, and Jay-Z, to super-sizing and disco balls and Guiness.  You'll feel like part of the Nicoletti family after reading Earthquake Weather!

Featuring a stunning cover photo by Chandra Alderman*, the chap is printed on a creamy ivory paper that matches the textured cardstock cover.  The cardstock insert is, appropriately for the time of year, a warm pumpkin color.  Earthquake Weather is a steal at only $5 (plus s/h), and may be ordered directly through PayPal on this website, or find it on Amazon!

NightBallet Press is very pleased and honored to have this opportunity to publish Joey Nicoletti's poetry- pick up your copy of Earthquake Weather today, and find out for yourself why Nicoletti's recent book Cannoli Gangster (Turning Point, 2012) was selected as a finalist for the Steel Toe Books Prize by Denise Duhamel. 

A former poetry editor of Puerto del Sol, Nicoletti currently teaches at SUNY Buffalo State College- learn more on the NBP Bio 2012-2013 page, and at!

*Chandra Alderman, whose marvelous photos have graced previous NBP chaps and anthologies, continues to focus her artistic eye on the northeast Ohio poetic landscape.  Her photo for Earthquake Weather was taken at a Lakewood, Ohio eatery, Jammy Buggars, during the recent Fistful of Poets event.  Look for more Alderman photos in and on upcoming NBP publications!