Saturday, October 20, 2012

Love Is In The Air (and On The Page)!

Happy Sweetest Day from NightBallet!
To celebrate, NightBallet Press is publishing TWO chapbooks of poems about love from two extremely talented, sensitive, and sensual poets:
Black Rainbow: All the Colors Are Still There by Californian Russell Salamon,
                        Peeling the Apple by Ohioan Jacob Oet!



Black Rainbow: All the Colors Are Still There contains 40 pages of exotic and sensual poems written by Russell Salamon.  Salamon has authored numerous books of poetry, including Woodsmoke and Green Tea, Ascent From Cleveland: Wild Heart Steel Phoenix, and Descent Into Cleveland.  His evocative palette of poetic colors will amaze, astound, delight and excite you!  For example, this excerpt from his poem "Solid Women" promises to make your heart pound and your senses throb:

This is not a body but intense
pleasure.  I break into buds and
leaves and each green petal hurts
with joyI shall shatter into butterfly
migrations.  Oh. 

Black Rainbow: All the Colors Are Still There features handsome gray cardstock with a deep olive insert, and boasts a stunning color photo taken by John Burroughs.  It is available for only $5 plus $3 shipping/ one for yourself, and another for that special loved one in your life!


Peeling the Apple contains 24 sweet and bittersweet poems by Jacob Oet, who is in his first year at Swarthmore College.  When we first heard Jacob read, we were stunned by the maturity and depth of his poems, many of which explore the landscape of love and relationships.  His first chapbook, Metamorphosis (Kattywompus Press), was published earlier this year, and NightBallet Press is extremely pleased to publish this newest collection of poems that peels off the layers of sentiment and gets right down to the core of feeling.  Here's an excerpt from his poem "Your Voice":

My siren, I swallowed a shard
Of your shot-glass voice

When we kissed.  It was so hard
Your lips into mine.  A word broke off

And lodged between my ribs.
I'm having difficulty swallowing.

Peeling the Apple features a creamy textured ivory cover with a golden yellow cardstock insert, and creamy ivory pages that complement the cover.  It also contains a wonderful photo by poet and artist Bonné de Blas, and is available for only $5 plus $2 shipping and handling.  These poems cry out for a jug of wine, a loaf of bread, some candlelight, and the touch of your sweetheart's hand in yours!

Timeless.  Ageless.  Inexorable.  Love is in the air... and on the page.  Explore its many colors and layers in Black Rainbow: All the Colors Are Still There and Peeling the Apple...
a double dose of delicious discourse.

photo by Chandra Alderman, used with permission