Thursday, October 4, 2018

AS FALLS TREES by Mark Danowsky!

NightBallet Press is pleased to announce the publication of
As Falls Trees
by Mark Danowsky!
NightBallet Press first met Mark Danowsky at the 2017 Western Maryland Independent Literary Festival in Frostburg, Maryland. Not long after that, he queried about sending a short manuscript of poetry to us. The result is As Falls Trees.

Danowsky chose the idiosyncratic title As Falls Trees deliberately. He "likes that it resists immediate comprehension, and that it leaves space for the reader to reflect and to use his/her own imagination or interpretation regarding it." All thirteen poems in the book relate in some way to the lives of trees. From the whimsical "An Open Letter To Mangroves" to the cautionary "Invasive" to the meditational "Cries of the Forest" to the celebratory "Chronology," Danowsky guides us through a forest of white walnuts, dawn redwoods, elms, and hemlocks to a clearing where "we both can survive a lightning strike."

NightBallet Press found it appropriate to release As Falls Trees during the 2018 Western Maryland Independent Literary Festival this past weekend, and delivered Danowsky's books to him there!


Danowsky is a writer from Philadelphia. His micro-chapbooks Nightfallen and Becoming aware of the tide were published by the Origami Poems Project in 2016, and are available free online. His poems have appeared in About Place, Gargoyle, Right Hand Pointing, Shot Glass Journal, and others. He is managing editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal and cofounder of Wood & Water Press.

As Falls Trees is only $5 with $3 shipping, and is available now to order through PayPal! Get your copy today!