Saturday, December 31, 2016

Weather Forecast: Black-Socket Sky by Rebecca Wood!

NightBallet Press is delighted to forecast a wintry mix of chilly temps, intermittant snowfall, gusty winds, and the dark sparkle of a
Black-Socket Sky!

What better way to celebrate the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 than with a brand new poetry book?  Happy New Year's Eve, indeed!

NightBallet Press had heard Toledo poet Rebecca "Becca" Wood read before, but was truly ensnared by this particular collection of poems.  When we requested a manuscript from the poet, Becca handed NBP the handful of poems she had just read.
Black-Socket Sky is the result.

Don't be deceived by the page count of this collection.  At only 20 pages long and with only 11 poems in the book, it's one of the shortest that NBP has done.  But wowza, does it ever pack a punch!  Wood explores themes of winter, loss, belonging, religion, and night in a unique voice that rings clear and true throughout. 

The red, black and blue cover art is a photo of a wonderful piece, "The Shadow a Darkness Makes," by Kevin Eberhardt.  Find more of his work at October Conspiracy.  Complemented by a royal blue cardstock insert, the cover and inside paper are "themed":  the cover cardstock and the paper are matching "snow fleck" design.

  Rebecca Wood comes from a small tribe of academic gypsies who dragged her around the eastern, southern, and midwestern states until finally coming to rest on the southern shores of Lake Erie in Toledo, Ohio.  Her work has been published in In Toledo magazine and the first Broadway Bards Anthology.  She is an engaging and popular performer, appearing at Artomatic 411, Toledo's 100K Poets for Change, and the Old West End Festival, among others.  Wood reads regularly with the Broadway Bards, and irregularly at other Toledo venues.

At the very special holiday price of $5 postage paid, this book is a steal.  Treat yourself to a Black Socket Sky, and soar into 2017...I promise you, you'll be glad you did!