Friday, December 28, 2012

Finishing the Old Year with (exciting) New Work!

2012 may be drawing to a close, but here at NightBallet Press, exciting new works by poets Andrew Rihn and Erren Geraud Kelly are keeping those New Year mirror balls bouncing around at a feverish pace!

Published today is Ohio poet Andrew Rihn's The Hunger Dictionary:
Andrew Rihn, a popular Kent-area poet who describes himself as a "Scholarly Vegetarian Atheist Radical Socialist Feminist Pacifist Childfree Poet", has had dozens of poems published in various journals, and has had several previous chaps published, including Rust Belt MRI (Pudding House) and Foreclosure Dogs (New Sins/Winged City Press).  Visit his blog Midwestern Sex Talk at to explore his poetry, videos, non-fictional prose, and much more. 

Andrew Rihn's The Hunger Dictionary has magical properties:  it both satisfies your appetite for delicious poems full of satire and wit, and it leaves you starving for more of those tasty little nuggets.  The cover cardstock is an eggshell cream, with a heavy black textured cardstock insert, and the (20 pages of) printed paper are smooth soft-white cotton.  A delight to both hold in your hands and to read and savor, The Hunger Dictionary is available on Amazon!

Watch this blog and posts on Facebook for more about this fantastic poet and upcoming places to hear him read from The Hunger Dictionary!

Also stay tuned for an announcement about the publication of Erren Geraud Kelly's Disturbing the Peace... coming very very very very very soon!  ;)