Monday, July 23, 2012

Now Available For Sale On!

It's official!  NightBallet Press titles will now be available for sale on!  There are several listed already, including Buzzkill: Apocalypse, Knife Edge & AbsintheThe Hard Stuff, Sleeping Beauty's Revenge, and An Uncountable Infinity Of Orgasms, with the rest of the titles to be added as soon as time permits.  Of course, you can still order directly from NightBallet Press on this website, as well.  Order copies of your fave poets' collections today!  Most NightBallet Press publications are limited editions of forty copies (the Buzzkill anthology is an exception), so when they're gone, they're gone.  Don't miss out!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

You Know That Old Saying: I Have Good News & Bad News...?

The good news is that (at long last) I have new broadsides printed up and ready to mail to Miles Budimir and Skylark Bruce!

Miles Budimir's "Of Ashes and Dreams" and "Dike 14", both with references to Cleveland, are beautifully written.  The cover photo is by Steven B. Smith.

And Skylark Bruce's "La Seducción en Español" is a delightfully saucy take on language, with a twist:

And the bad news?  NightBallet Press has learned that putting cardstock through her printer the way she's been doing is ruining the rollers... after two printers bit the dust.  As a result of this, and with a fervent desire to keep the new printer I've acquired in tiptop shape, any NightBallet broadsides from now on (including these two new broadside titles) will be printed on white 24lb. weight paper.   The "up" side of this is that the cover photos and inside text look nice and crisp on the bright white paper.

This also means that I'll have to outsource the printing of chap covers in the future, as I did with Lyn Lifshin's book and the Buzzkill anthology.  It will cost me a bit more to produce the books, but the covers will look really nice.

As I said, good news, bad news.  Ah, well.

July is here, and NightBallet Press is taking a month's sabbatical to renew, restore, rejuve, and recover her vim, vigor, and verve.  In August, NightBallet plans to publish new chaps by Russell Salamon, John Dorsey, Bonne de Blas, and perhaps even one more author.  Stay tuned!

Now, get out there and enjoy the summer sunshine!  Pool, anyone?