Submission/Publication Guidelines

NightBallet Press is an independent small press, interested in the musicality of language and the originality of expression, with a commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to poetry, and we strive for accuracy, sensitivity, and artistry in our publication process.

We accept only poetry manuscripts.

At this time, manuscripts are by invitation, although a brief query/cover letter sent
to is welcomed. I must warn you, however, that we have manuscripts in hand and scheduled for publication throughout the year to December 2020. 

If we choose to read your manuscript, please send it as a Word doc. attachment. The poems must be in a single file. Single-space the poems. A table of contents is welcome.
Books will be released as time and the editor's (day job) work schedule and personal life permits. Covers are double cardstock with original art/photographs and individualized decorative fonts; books are saddle-stitched (stapled), and the poems printed on 25%, 24lb. weight cotton or similar white or ivory paper, in a clear, plain font (Arial, Arial Narrow, Calibri, or Times New Roman). Cover art and bio photo will be in full color, unless otherwise decided by the poet and editor.

The editor reserves the right to select the cover art or photo, and the design of the book.
The editor reserves the right to select the cover art or photo, and the design of the book.

No, that's not a typo error. It's repeated because it's an important and integral part of what makes NightBallet Press NightBallet Press. NBP exists for the love of  poetry and for respect of the craft. The joy taken by the editor in working with each poet's unique Voice and creating a work of art to showcase his/her words makes the work and time and cost worthwhile. If you wish to direct the design and formatting of your book, then you want Lulu or CreateSpace, not NBP. If you want a work of art that you can be proud to read from, we're your press.

Books are published in limited runs, usually 80 to 120 copies, with 20 copies going to the poet to do with as he/she pleases, and the rest of the copies going to NightBallet Press to sell, give away, send for reviews, display at independent literary festivals, or place in bookstores and libraries. We have a number of lifetime and one-year subscribers who receive copies. Formatting and cover design rights belong to the press. All rights to the poems remain with the poet.

ISBNs and barcodes are at the discretion of the editor, although an ISBN will be assigned as long as we have them in stock. If you can get your book placed in a bookstore or library, please let the editor know and arrangements for the barcode may be made.

Our editing process is in-depth, thorough, and personal. The poems are read with an editing eye on the stage as well as on the page; that is, attention is paid to how the poem reads on the page as well as how the words will sound read aloud. It is not necessary to have your manuscript pre-edited by an outside source; however, do send it only after you've prepared it as best you can, and have proofread it for spelling and punctuation errors.

NightBallet Press sells most books (up to around 28 pages) at $5 to $8 each plus postage; longer
collections are priced at $10, $12, or $15 each plus postage to keep the costs low  and the books readily available to the reading public. The price of the book will be suggested by the editor and agreed upon by the poet - usually, but not always - related to the length and/or formatting of the manuscript (and, therefore, the amount of time and materials that will be used to produce the book: ink, cardstock, paper, etc.).  If desired, arrangements can be made with the editor ahead of the time of publication to print the poet's price on the back cover of the books. 

There are no fees and no royalties. We require no money from the poet. The poet receives 20 free author copies (if the book is a collaboration between two poets, each poet receives 10 free author copies). If the poet's 20 original copies sell out and the poet wishes to order more, or if the poet wishes to have more than 20 copies to begin with, he/she can purchase copies at half the cover price:

$2.50 each for $5 books, minimum press run of 10 copies (10=$25)(20 copies= $50)(30=$75) plus shipping

$5.00 each for $10 books, minimum press run of 10 copies (10=$50) (20=$100)(30=$150) plus shipping

$6.00 each for $12 books, minimum press run of 10 copies (10=$60) (20=$120)(30=$180) plus shipping

$7.50 each for $15 books, minimum press run of 10 copies (10=$75)(20=$150)(30=$225) plus shipping

and so on. (If another price is set by the poet and agreed upon by the editor, the poet's reprint copies will be at half-price of whatever the agreed-upon cover price is.) 

Beginning in January 2016, NBP will have to charge for shipping the extra copies, but will continue to ship the initial 20 free author's copies at no cost to the poet unless the poet lives outside the U.S.  For a poet who lives outside the U.S., there is a discounted charge for shipping the initial 20 free author's copies.

Book releases and feature readings may be scheduled locally, and the poet and his/her book will have as much publicity as the editor can muster/produce/arrange. NightBallet Press books have featured in art galleries and the front windows of bookstores, and are stocked in various libraries. NBP books have acquired kudos for their distinctive look and the high quality of the poems within.

NightBallet Press participates in nominating poets each year for the Pushcart Prize. All Ohio authors will have their books submitted to the Ohioana Library in Columbus, Ohio for permanent inclusion in the Library's collection, and the editor will make nominations, at her discretion, for the Ohioana Book Award each year.

The editor - Dianne Borsenik - promises to do her best.  Please keep in mind this editor does press work as her personal life permits. She is active in the Northeast Ohio poetry scene and regional reading circuit. While every effort will be made to expedite publishing  and to accommodate the poet, I repeat books will be released as time and the editor's work schedule and personal life permits.

Please direct all queries and comments to