Friday, August 9, 2013

Brightman Has Balls, and NightBallet Can Prove It!

Steve Brightman has balls, and NightBallet Press can prove it!  BASEballs, that is! (Whatever did you think we meant?)

NightBallet Press is honored and absolutely delighted to present Brightman's newest chapbook, In Brilliant Explosions AloneIn Brilliant Explosions Alone is a special treat, blending his love of poetry with his passion for baseball.  In Brightman's own words,

"This chap is a breakdown of the 2008 season of former Cleveland Indians pitcher Jeremy Sowers.  Each poem represents, in chronological order, one of the games in which he pitched.  It is, however, not merely a baseball chapbook.  It is a chapbook about individual struggle with expectation, the desire for success in the field in which you show talent, and about how others perceive you in that struggle.  It is, perhaps, best summed up by the epigraph which I use (from the Gaslight Anthem song "Biloxi Parish"): All of our heroes are failures or ghosts, burned up in brilliant explosions alone..."

In Brilliant Explosions Alone
boasts a cover photo taken by Steve Brightman himself, and is printed on a brilliant white textured cardstock, with a bright red-and-black cardstock insert.  The 32 pages of poetry are printed on a bright white cotton paper, and include a Statistics Chart from the 2008 season.

Brightman, an accomplished poet, skillfully interweaves baseball references with soulful reflection and childlike excitement.  With the Cleveland Indians giving us another roller-coaster ride this season, now is the perfect time to pick up a copy of In Brilliant Explosions Alone!  It's sure to appeal to poetry lovers and sports lovers alike!

Available TODAY Friday August 9, 2013, a single copy is only $5 plus $3 shipping and handling.  Order through PayPal right here on this website