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SEASON EIGHT Sept. 2018 - Sept. 2019

Sunshine State by Gregg Shapiro $10.00

The Answer Is Not Here by Sean Thomas Dougherty and Lisa M. Dougherty

Dear Youngstown by Karen Schubert $15The Curve of Her Arm by Robin Mullet & Holli Rainwater $12

Throwback Thursdays by Margie Shaheed $10

Fragile Capacities by Sandra Feen $12
 As Falls Trees by Mark Danowsky $5

Waiting for the Wind to Rise by M. J. Arcangelini $10

SEASON 7 Sept. 2017 - Sept. 2018

  Arson by John Reinhart $12

 Out of Blue by Andy Roberts $8

 The Ugly Side of the Lake by Jason Baldinger & John Dorsey $5

 Gasconade by Jeanette Powers $5Loss and Foundering by John Burroughs $10

   Son of Hollywood by Alex Gildzen $15

  Little Epiphanies by Allison Joseph $5

  Hard to Swallow by Pat & Bill Hurley $12

  Refugees Whose World Was Taken by Lyn Lifshin $10

  Hollyweird by Alan Catlin $8

  Artifacts by Kerry Trautman $8

   Beyond the Sidewalk by Jonie McIntire $8

   Before the Puppets Could Sing by Kevin Eberhardt $5

 Make Me That Happy by Rikki Santer $15

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