Saturday, December 17, 2011


NightBallet Press is delighted to announce that Terry Provost's remarkable chap of poems, An Uncountable Infinity Of Orgasms, is available in all its uncountably infinite glory!  The 13 poems contained therein are politically biting, delightfully sarcastic, tender, educational, and exciting... yes, all of these!  It's the perfect stocking stuffer for the special poet in your life.

See what Facebookers are saying about its publication:

Chansonette Buck  i want one.  actually -- i want one of everything you've published so far, and going forward.
Terry Provost  Buy one get infinity free.
Chansonette Buck  awesome :) such a deal :)
Terry Provost  Actually, it's a good deal at a million times the price. (God, you gotta love working with the transfinite.)
Ralph La Charity  an infinity nightly infinitely intimate, you bet...

Terry Provost is one of northern Ohio's most dynamic and unforgettable performers.  You don't read Terry Provost's poetry, you experience it.  Buy An Uncountable Infinity Of Orgasms today, online through PayPal!