Sunday, March 17, 2013

Innocence May Be Transitory... But Eberhardt Shall Endure!

NightBallet Press is pleased to announce the publication of yet another poetry chap this merry month of March!  To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we present Transitory Innocence by Cleveland-area poet Kevin Eberhardt!

KE's poetry sucks you in, gives you a good licking, and then releases you to ponder the ecstasy. Each of his poems in Transitory Innocence is a microcosm of teeming life under the microscope of his eye. Once you've experienced him, you'll be begging for more.  Here's an example:
a scent of humor

Neither foul nor fair
But unavoidable / a
Hint in all things
Whether serious or
Other like a carbuncle
On the hull of friend-
Ship or a pimple on
The ass end of
Propriety / it’s just the
Devil blowin’ smoke
Rings into the hairy
Nostrils of God
& God sneezes
& creates butterflies

...and another:

an Ohio evening

The moon inserts itself into
A 6 o’clock sky while a light
Plane flies underneath ain’t
Nothin’ but blue ‘cause the
Wind already herded all the
Clouds into Pennsylvania &
The humidity it’s still blowin’
A bit but the temperature’s
Tolerable & the grass is
Green as an emerald sea
Shadows creep from the
Roof of my house across
The lawn to the East like
They got some place to be
Before night swallows ‘em
Up once in a while my eyes
Move to follow a bird or my
Hands bring a sip of coffee
To my lips only this trace
Of animation disturbs what
Resembles a sentient death
& I’m reluctant to let it go
Surrounded by alone in a
Crowded world objectivity’s
That rare gift I give myself

Kevin Eberhardt is a northern Ohio poet who retired at the first of last year (2012) from one life into the next. He has been writing poetry since high school some 40 years ago. Lately, he's tried his hand at found/primitive/folk art; this has consumed most of his time. His poetry has appeared in ArtCrimes, The City Poetry, the Deep Cleveland Junkmail Oracle, the Fuck Poetry anthology (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2011), and the Cartier Street Review. His chapbook Burnin' Shadows was published by Crisis Chronicles Press in 2011. You can explore more of his poetry and see examples of his art at

Transitory Innocence boasts a cover photo taken by John Burroughs, seen here with Kevin Eberhardt at the 100 Thousand Poets for Change event in Elyria, Ohio, in September of 2011:

Transitory Innocence is  32 pages, with 25 poems.  The cover is a thick, creamy cardstock with a deep aquamarine cardstock insert.  There's a photo by Chandra Alderman on one of the text pages.  KE's poetry is pure gold...on this St. Patrick's Day, get lucky and buy yourself a copy!  Available now on this website (through PayPal) for only $5 plus $3 shipping and handling!