Monday, August 13, 2012

Buttons, Blurbs, Bookstores, and More!

These tango poems are jazz, sweet, slinky.They wrap their legs around you and then leap out, leaving your heart beating. They pull you in as only tango does, all passion and juice, cold and hot, smooth and spicy...your head left slightly off-center, off the main beat, not knowing whether to breathe or not. Lifshin is dancer and poet and if anyone could embrace tango in words, it is she. Any poem quoted from this book will make you stand up, quiver slightly and be ready to fall off into the ecstatic abyss of eroticism:

"Tango Before the Light Goes Blood/streaks tourmaline sky./put on your ruby skirt,/transparent as rose gauze/fishnet scissors under./When stars glaze the/tango floor....."

This little book will leave a tart, sweet/sour taste and you will crave more and more.

--Alice Pero

As far as KNIFE EDGE & ABSINTHE (ha - who was it that said "absinthe makes the heart grow fonder" - lol) - goes, it is a beautiful book. I read it one sitting on the subway. The poems in this book are just wonderful - reinforcing why Lifshin is my favorite poet in the world! You would think, with all the work I've read and reviewed of hers, that nothing could surprise me, but these poems did - they make me want to write poetry, they also make me want to take TANGO lessons (I'm serious!)

--Cindy Hochman

These are some of the things people are saying about Knife Edge & Absinthe- The Tango Poems by the legendary Lyn Lifshin!  NightBallet Press is pleased to offer the book for sale on Amazon, and you may also order directly from this NBP website- I've updated the PayPal button to include options for ordering multiple copies and for overseas orders.  Please note- for (bookstore) orders of more than 5 copies, please contact the publisher at  Order your copy today!

News, news, news, and it's all good!  Prospero's Books in Kansas City wants to stock copies of George Wallace's two NightBallet Press chaps, sleeping beauty's revenge and the hard stuff, and we're going to make that happen!  George recently sold out of all his NBP chaps- congratulations, George!  (Not to worry; NBP will be printing more of them for him very soon.)

Other bookstores carrying NightBallet Press titles include Mac's Backs Books on Coventry in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and Visible Voice in the Tremont neighborhood, Cleveland, Ohio... and of course, the virtual online bookstore Amazon!

New chaps coming out this month/early September will include de Blas's stunning debut collection The Act of Dwelling, Russell Salamon's long-awaited-and sensually-charged Black Rainbow: All the Colors Are Still There, Alex Gildzen's witty, wistful, whimsical wordage in Passd Ports, Kathy Smith's totally toothsome tome Firecracker Mandalas, and John Dorsey's provocative blend of poems and stories in White Girl Problems.

With NBP's editor finally getting caught up with things, you can expect an average of two-to-three new chaps a month.   Upcoming publications include titles by Jean Brandt, Jacob Oet, Christopher Franke, Joey Nicoletti, James (J. E.) Stanley, Kevin Eberhardt, Chansonette Buck, John Burroughs, and sooooo many more exciting poets!

Copies of Buzzkill: Apocalypse - An End of the World Anthology are still available- get your copy before this limited edition anthology is sold out (and before December, 2012, "TEOTWAWKI", lol).   NBP received a splendid review of this anthology by J. E. Stanley, which will be posted on this website in the coming week- thank you so much, J. E.!

That's the top o' the morning to ye, and all the news for now.  As always, stay tuned!  NBP is currently in the process of printing... and an announcement will be made shortly!