Friday, June 5, 2015

Alan Catlin Has Found...BEAUTIFUL MUTANTS!

NightBallet Press is pleased to present Beautiful Mutants by New York poet Alan Catlin!

Beautiful Mutants is from a long work in progress by Catlin under the working title of Alien Nation, which includes four thematically related chapbooks.  A master at taking verbal snapshots of the unfortunate, the disenfranchised, the ignored, and the misbegotten, Catlin strings these snapshots together into an album of "beautiful mutants""Senior Citizen Day at the Supermarket," "The Naughty Mamacita," "Beached Great Whales to the Bar," "The Kevorkian Cocktail" and invites us to sit down, page through, and marvel at the collection.  Replete with references to song lyrics, Bukowski's poems, old movies, and various books, his poems surprise, delight, and prick the reader with crystal-clear descriptions.  The denizens of Catlin's "mutant" world leer, brag, lurch, and bang their way into your mind and'll find yourself unable to look away.

Beautiful Mutants contains 48 pages of 34 poems, presented on textured ivory paper.  The cover is a thick ivory cardstock, with a lime green cardstock insert.  A copy can be yours todayonly $10 plus $3 shipping/handling!  Just use the PayPal button below, or in the right column.  Beautiful Mutants will also be available on Amazon.  

Alan Catlin, who has had over 65 books of poetry and prose published and has appeared in innumerable publications, has received twenty Pushcart Prize nominations.  Publications include Drunk and Disorderly (Pavement Saw Press), a selection of poems taken from his (50) chapbooks 1978-2000. Catlin edits Misfit Magazine.  Recently retired from working as a barman in various establishments, he lives in Schenectady, New York.