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SEASON  4  (September 2014 - September 2015)

  The Book of Whimsy by Geoff Landis  $10

  A Guide ro Endangered Monsters by Mary Turzillo $10

  Newspaper Taxis Appear by Mike Finley $10

  What Keeps Me Awake by Connie Everett  $10

  Mud and Stars by Marisa Moks-Unger $10

  Beautiful Mutants by Alan Catlin  $10

  History, Too, Is a Simple Machine by Steve Brightman $5

  Pencil Pusher by Andy Roberts $5

  Coming to Terms by Kathleen Cerveny  $10

  Moving Thru Stained Glass The Maple Poems by Lyn Lifshin  $10

  Onomatopoeia by Margie Shaheed  $10

  So Damn Sure of Us by Bree $10
 The Paris Notebooks by RA Washington  $5

  Rotations by Jake St. John  $5

  Gimme Back My Radio by Russ Green $10

  Riding with Boom Boom by George Wallace $10

 Lipsmack! A Sampler Platter of NBP Poets #3  $5

SEASON  3  (September 2013 - September 2014)

  Thorn Bushes and Fish Hooks by Zach Fishel $5

  Shadow Traffic by Joey Nicoletti $5

  Terminal Island by Jeffrey Alfier  $10

  Dream Drive by Jonathan Harris  $10

  Ligaments of Light Tigering the Shoulders by Nikki Allen $10

  The Paul Simon Project by Karen Lillis $5

  Double Life by Heather McNaugher $5

  The Studs Terkel Blues by Jason Baldinger $5

  Where You Are by Jason Irwin  $5

  Jerry in the Bardo by Tsaurah Litzky  $10

  Hurricane Mouth by Amanda Oaks  $5

  Lumiere by John Thomas Allen  $10

 The Green World by Andy Roberts  $5

  Interstate by Douglas Cole $5

  Unscathed by Jennifer Hambrick  $10

  The Liquid of Her Skin by Dan Smith $5

  What Exactly Is a Valvis by James Valvis $5

  Louisiana Calling by Bill Gainer $5

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