Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Official- Lyn Lifshin's newest book is published!

NightBallet Press is thrilled to present the work of the legendary Lyn Lifshin in a brand-new, book length collection titled Knife Edge and Absinthe- The Tango Poems.

When Lyn and I originally spoke about doing a "tango chap" for her, I had no idea I would receive three manuscripts full of dozens and dozens of tango poems, nor that I would have such a difficult time choosing which ones to include and which ones to omit from the collection.  Lifshin's work is brilliant.  This final NightBallet selection of 54 poems represents the body of those manuscripts, matching and interweaving themes of throbbing sensuality, knife-edged freedom, and the absinthe of losing one's self in the act of dance.

This is, to date, the longest book published by NightBallet Press, with 60 pages printed on a soft ivory paper.  Be sure to order your copy of this limited edition book of poems by the "Queen of the Small Presses", the one and only Lyn Lifshin, now!

Visit Lyn Lifshin's website at to learn more about this exciting poet.

Special thanks to Vlad Swirynsky for his help in obtaining the ISBN and barcode for this book- you rock, Vlad!