Sunday, December 10, 2017

Artifacts by Kerry Trautman

NightBallet Press is very pleased to announce the publication
of two new titles by two fantastic Ohio poets:

Artifacts by Kerry Trautman and Beyond the Sidewalk by Jonie McIntire!

The actual print date was November, but due to some unforeseen and unavoidable delays, NightBallet was unable to announce publication until today. These two books are incontrovertible proof that some things are well worth waiting for!

(This is one-half of two announcements.  For Jonie McIntire's Beyond the Sidewalk, please go here.)

Artifacts is a stunning journey of discovery. Its thirty-two pages contain twenty-two poems, all rich in language and masterfully written. Among Trautman's "Archeological Surveys" are those of "the CD Collection of a Somewhat-Poor Girl," "a Curated Native American Clothing Exhibit," and "Drummers and Poets." Trautman does not hold back, does not flinch, as she explores themes of both darkness and light.

The Archeological Survey of a Girl Who Stumbles Over Words

She's dead now,
       so she doesn't fear in-class presentations
       and unplanned conversations.

Or, at the grocery store, bumping into
someone she doesn't know well but really likes.

Notice how her fingertips are clenched into her palms.
Note the nailmarks.
See where sweat would have pooled--
        the armpits and between the breasts--
where panic would liquefy and try to escape her body
        when she herself could not escape her body,
        could not stop pretending she was true.


Kerry Trautman is a founding member of Toledo's Almeda Street Poetry Co-op, the Toledo Poetry Museum, and She is often seen at local poetry readings and events, such as Artomatic 419, Back to Jack (Toledo's annual Jack Kerouac tribute), 100 Thousand Poets for Change, and the Columbus Arts Festival.  Her poetry and short fiction have appeared in various journals and anthologies, including Midwestern Gothic, The Fourth River, Hawaii Pacific Review, and Journey to Crone (Chuffed Books Press, 2013). Previous books include Things That Come in Boxes (King Craft Press, 2012), and To Have Hoped (Finishing Line Press, 2015).

Artifacts is printed on creamy ivory paper.  The ivory, linen-textured cover features a magnificent art piece by Bree, "Raven Gorget 3.29.16," which is complemented by the deep grape-colored cardstock insert.  Artifacts is available beginning today, December 10, 2017, for only $8 plus $3 shipping!  (For customers outside the U.S., please contact NightBallet Press for postage pricing.)  Get your copy today to unearth its "artifacts" of beauty and truth!


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