Friday, March 1, 2013

New Reviews for Burroughs, Buck, Kelly, & Rihn!

NBP has received links to or copies of some extraordinarily well-written, thoughtful, and positive reviews this past couple of weeks.  John Burroughs' first full-length collection The Eater of the Absurd was reviewed by Ra Washington, Erren Geraud Kelly's debut chap Disturbing the Peace was  reviewed by John Dorsey, Andrew Rihn's The Hunger Dictionary was reviewed by Heavy Feather Review, and Chansonette Buck's debut chap blood oranges was reviewed by Victor Schwartzman.  Please link to these reviews and check out what others have to say about this excellent poetry!

And be sure to stay tuned for announcements concerning the publication of Kevin Eberhardt's Transitory Innocence, J. E. Stanley's Selected Regions of the Moon, and Jean Brandt's Reaching for It.  All three chaps are in current production, and barring unforeseen incident, will be available by this time next week, March 8 (and maybe sooner)!