Monday, April 22, 2013

Twice the punch! Twice the poetry! CHANSONETTE BUCK & WILLIAM MERRICLE!!!

Thaaaat's riiiiiight, NightBallet Press presents, for your reading bliss, to continue the grooviness throughout National Poetry Month, and to celebrate the poetry extravaganza of the Broken Pulpit weekend here in Cleveland, Ohio, not one but TWO über-fantastic chaps!





NightBallet Press is tickled (hot) pink to publish Ohio poet William Merricle's brand new chap, Chaos Theory!  Merricle does for poetry what Dali did for painting; his writing is a surreal romp through landscapes of sight and sound, of sophistication and silliness, of chaos and construction, of  "The Y Chromosome Polka" and "Creation Porn". 

Here's a delicious sample poem from Chaos Theory to whet your appetite!

What Is the Distance Between
Rahway and South Plainfield?

Virtually all the evil in
this world is in the
form of information.
Morning is too late at night.
Every pixel tells a story.
Sexual fulfillment formats itself
as the frost on the pumpkin.
Every question contains an answer.
Better probes are required.
All my learning comes
face-to-face with
the prosecutorial moonlight.
High hopes are difficult to master.
One can’t make a circle with one.
Satire is the best credit card.
Your shadow delivered
an erudite lecture on
the frailty of your love.
Every answer births a question.
The golden age of wisdom
was the Middle Pleistocene.
I learned that online.

 William Merricle's previous publications include Heimlich the Donut (Pudding House Publications, 2010) and Grace, You Let the Screen Door Slam (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2011).  His poems have appeared in Pudding Magazine, Portland Review, Slipstream, and in the Crisis Chronicles Online Library.

Chaos Theory is 36 pages long and contains 28 poems.  The cover is a (very) pale green with a charcoal gray cardstock insert, and the text is printed on a creamy, soft-white paper.  You can obtain your very own copy for only $5 plus $3 shipping and handling! 


NightBallet Press is extremely honored and excited to announce the publication of Berkely, California poet Chansonette Buck's newest chap, talisman!  George Wallace says of talisman:

 "One cannot fail to be impressed with the courage of poets who lay bare their most troubling personal moments in their work.  But it requires a special level of courageand talent, as in adroitness of expression and dispassionate perspective—for such poets to stand out in the crowd.  That's Chansonette Buck's achievement in this fine little collection.  Yes, she has experienced pain, risen from it and found sustenance in the telling.  But more than that, she has approached the telling with an unflinching eye and a sure technical hand, and produced poem after memorable poem."

Chansonette Buck, who holds a PhD in English from the University of California, has been published in, among others, Why We Ride: Women Writers on the Horses in Their Lives (Seal Press, 2011) and Polarity eMagazine (Fall, 2010).  Previous chapbooks include blood oranges (NBP, 2011) and desire lines (Crisis Chronicles Press, 2012). 

Here's a teaser from talisman:


she writes
i need him...then
rushes, retching
to the sink. later,
drained, she lies
on her bed, willing
hard winter rain's
change to rose
petals, watching
the sky clear
and pale to silver
under the full moon
so the pepper-tree's
leaves flicker
like tiny diamonds
in the wind,
she wonders
how such
a bright sky
could empty
so much loss
into her world.


talisman is 32 pages long and contains 20 poems.  The cover is a pale ecru with a brilliant turquoise blue cardstock insert, and the text is printed on a creamy, soft-white paper.  The cover and inside pages feature photos taken from a beautiful mixed-media collage by book artist Bonné de Blas.  Get your copy today for only $5 plus $3 shipping/handling! 

Twice the punch!  Twice the power!  Twice the poetry!  Merricle and Buck!  Buck and Merricle!  Order your copies today!  Available through PayPal right here on this website, and through Amazon!