Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012- Year of the Dragon!

NightBallet Press is excited about all the possibilities and opportunities this new year offers, and is thrilled to announce several news items on this very first day of 2012!
First, a new chapbook by one of NightBallet's favorite poets, T. M. Göttl, is officially published today.   Göttl's chap A Hurricane of Moths takes the reader on an enchanted trip through richly-imagined lands.  Her poetic Voice is lush and beautiful, and you'll want to read this book straight through to the end... trust me!

Next, NightBallet is pleased to announce that it will be publishing its first anthology this year, thematically based on the idea that, according to the Mayan calendar, the world will end in some way  on 12-21-12 (Winter Solstice).  The title is Buzzkill: Apocalypse - An End of the World Anthology, and NBP will be posting more on this soon- stay tuned!

Finally, for now, NightBallet Press is happy to say we're very busy, formatting chapbook manuscripts from Lyn Lifshin, Zach Ashley, Heather Ann Schmidt, Elise Geither, Jim Lang, Christopher Franke, and Kevin Eberhardt- with several more tasty manuscripts expected to arrive within the next few weeks.  Life is good. 

NightBallet wishes all of you a very Happy New Year, filled with love, laughter, and light, and hopes to see you at a poetry reading soon!