Monday, March 23, 2020

On Hold

These are unsettling times. We here at the press were as blindsided by the rapidity of onset of the health crisis and the closing of businesses as were you all. Although I agree with the social distancing and self-isolating that we've been encouraged to follow, it has impacted NBP in ways I didn't foresee.

Because of the way NBP approaches an art-book concept, we rely heavily on various small businesses to continue our work. At the core of the press is how we obtain our paper and card stock. As all non-essential businesses are now closed in Ohio, I cannot get the paper, nor the card stock, I need to make books. I also cannot have covers printed at our local print shop. NightBallet Press is on hold.

Although I have some titles in stock, I will not be going out to the post office, so book orders are also on hold. This includes both individual titles to the public, and bulk orders from NBP poets who want more copies of their book.

I wish to reassure my poets, my subscribers, my readers, my supporters, that NightBallet Press is very much alive and eager to get back to work. We can only hope that this crisis passes quickly and that our friends can get their businesses reopened so we can resume publication. I realize how disappointing this must be for many of you, and I want you to know I appreciate, from the bottom of my heart, your friendship, your patience, your understanding, and the trust you've put in me and NBP.

May you stay healthy and safe during this time. I love you.

Dianne Borsenik
Editor/Publisher NightBallet Press


Cat Russell said...

I'm sorry, Diane. Totally understandable under the circumstances, but I know how disappointing this must be. Stay safe and well. Sending you virtual virus-free hugs.

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Ashlee Rolfson said...

Your blog post titled "On Hold" resonated with me, especially in these challenging times. It's a reflection of the world we currently live in, where so many plans and aspirations are temporarily on hold.

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