Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Brand(t) New Chap - and you'll be Reaching for It!

One of Cleveland's dedicated founders of the Arts scene in the Tremont neighborhood is also one of its finest poets, and NightBallet Press is delighted to present her Brand(t) new chap of poetry!

That's right, Jean Brandt's debut collection of poetry, Reaching for It, is officially published today, and is ready for you to...well, reach for it!

From "The Importance of Smiling" to "Hood Bitch", and from "Santaland and Other Utopias" to "Brain Jam",  Brandt's poems will poke you in the ribs, dap you on the shoulder, and give you new insight into the everyday workings of a well-defined Cleveland neighborhood.  Her unflinching look at relationships, social politics, and the evolution of her surroundings draws you into her world, where things might not always be pretty, but they're always honest and real.  You will often find yourself breathless as with a punch to the gut after reading one of her three-line, haiku-form poems, as she's a master of the succinct. 

Reaching for It is 52 pages long, and contains 47 brilliant poems.  The chap has a textured white cardstock cover, with a textured deep chocolate brown cardstock insert and is printed on creamy white paper.  It can be yours today for only $5 plus $3 shipping/handling- simply order through PayPal on this website.  Or if you are in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, swing by and check out the Brandt Gallery on Kenilworth, right across from the Visible Voice book store, and reach for a signed copy from the poet herself!