NightBallet Press is an independent small press, interested in the musicality of language and the originality of expression, with a commitment to excellence.  We are dedicated to poetry, and we strive for accuracy, sensitivity, and artistry in our publication process.

We accept only poetry manuscripts.

At this time, manuscripts are by invitation, although a brief query/cover letter sent to is welcomed.  I must warn you, however, that we have manuscripts in hand and scheduled for publication through to January, 2019. 

Books will be released as time and the editor's (day job) work schedule and personal life permits. Covers are double cardstock with original art/photographs and individualized decorative fonts; books are saddle-stitched (stapled), and the poems printed on 25%, 24lb. weight cotton or similar white or ivory paper, in a clear, plain font (Arial, Arial Narrow, Calibri, or Times New Roman). Cover art and bio photo will be in full color, unless otherwise decided by the poet and editor.

The editor reserves the right to select the cover art or photo, and the design of the book.
The editor reserves the right to select the cover art or photo, and the design of the book.

No, that's not a typo error.  It's repeated because it's an important and integral part of what makes NightBallet Press NightBallet Press.  NBP exists for the love of  poetry and for respect of the craft.  The joy taken by the editor in working with each poet's unique Voice and creating a work of art to showcase his/her words makes the work and time and cost worthwhile.  If you wish to direct the design and formatting of your book, then you want Lulu or CreateSpace, not NBP.  If you want a work of art that you can be proud to read from, we're your press.

Books are published in limited runs, usually 80 to 120 copies, with 20 copies going to the poet to do with as he/she pleases, and the rest of the copies going to NightBallet Press to sell, give away, send for reviews, display at independent literary festivals, or place in bookstores and libraries . We have a number of lifetime and one-year subscribers who receive copies.  Formatting and cover design rights belong to the press.  All rights to the poems remain with the poet.

ISBNs and barcodes are at the discretion of the editor, although an ISBN will be assigned as long as we have them in stock.  If you can get your book placed in a bookstore or library, please let the editor know and arrangements for the barcode may be made. 

NightBallet Press sells most books (up to around 28 pages) at $5 to $8 each plus postage; longer
collections are priced at $10, $12, or $15 each plus postage to keep the costs low  and the books readily available to the reading public.  The price of the book will be suggested by the editor and agreed upon by the poet - usually, but not always - related to the length and/or formatting of the manuscript (and, therefore, the amount of time and materials that will be used to produce the book: ink, cardstock, paper, etc.).   If desired, arrangements can be made with the editor ahead of the time of publication to print the poet's price on the back cover of the books. 

There are no fees and no royalties. We require no money from the poet. The poet receives 20 free author copies (if the book is a collaboration between two poets, each poet receives 10 free author copies).  If the poet's 20 original copies sell out and the poet wishes to order more, or if the poet wishes to have more than 20 copies to begin with, he/she can purchase copies at half the cover price:

$2.50 each for $5 books, minimum press run of 10 copies (10=$25)(20 copies= $50)(30=$75) plus shipping

$5.00 each for $10 books, minimum press run of 10 copies (10=$50) (20=$100)(30=$150) plus shipping

$6.00 each for $12 books, minimum press run of 10 copies (10=$60) (20=$120)(30=$180) plus shipping

$7.50 each for $15 books, minimum press run of 10 copies (10=$75)(20=$150)(30=$225) plus shipping

and so on. (If another price is set by the poet and agreed upon by the editor, the poet's reprint copies will be at half-price of whatever the agreed-upon cover price is.) 

Beginning in January 2016, NBP will have to charge for shipping the extra copies, but will continue to ship the initial 20 free author's copies at no cost to the poet unless the poet lives outside the U.S.  For a poet who lives outside the U.S., there is a discounted charge for shipping the initial 20 free author's copies.

Book releases and feature readings may be scheduled locally, and the poet and his/her book will have as much publicity as the editor can muster/produce/arrange. NightBallet Press books have featured in art galleries and the front windows of bookstores, are stocked in various libraries, and have acquired kudos for their distinctive look and the high quality of the poems within.

NightBallet Press participates in nominating poets each year for the Pushcart Prize.  All Ohio authors will have their books submitted to the Ohioana Library in Columbus, Ohio for permanent inclusion in the Library's collection, and the editor will make nominations, at her discretion, for the Ohioana Book Award each year.

The editor- Dianne Borsenik- promises to do her best.  Please keep in mind this editor works a full-time 12-hour day job and does press work as the day job and married life permits.  She is also active in the Northeast Ohio poetry scene and regional reading circuit.  While every effort will be made to expedite publishing  and to accommodate the poet, I repeat books will be released as time and the editor's (day job) work schedule and personal life permits.

NightBallet Press publications to date include:

Abbott, Steve  The Incoherent Pull of Want
Alfier, Jeffrey  Terminal Island

Allen, John  Thomas  Lumière
Allen, Nikki  ligaments of light tigering the shoulders
Arcangelini, Michael Joseph Room Enough
Arcangelini, Michael Joseph untitled manuscript (forthcoming)
Ashley, Zach  Poetically Incorrect
Baldinger, Jason  The Studs Terkel BluesBaldinger, Jason & John Dorsey The Ugly Side of the Lake
Brandt, Jean  Reaching For It
Bree  so damn sure of us
Brightman, Steve  Sometimes Illinois
Brightman, Steve  In Brilliant Explosions Alone
Brightman, Steve  History, Too, Is a Simple Machine
Buck, Chansonette  blood oranges
Buck, Chansonette  talisman
Buck, Chansonette  unfinished litany: incantations from the cul-de-sac
Burroughs, John  The Eater of the Absurd                                                                             

Burroughs, John  Beat Attitude
Burroughs, John Loss and Foundering
Carstens, Wolfgang Rented Mule
Catlin, Alan  Beautiful Mutants
Catlin, Alan  Hollyweird 
Cerveny, Kathleen  Coming to Terms
Cole, Douglas  Interstate
Danowsky, Mark As Falls Trees (forthcoming)
de Blas, Bonné  The Act of Dwelling
DellaRocca, Lenny The Sleep Talker
Dorsey, John  White Girl Problems                                                                                                 

Dorsey, John  Fall of the Ramen Empire                                                                                           
Eberhardt, Kevin Transitory Innocence
Eberhardt, Kevin  Before the Puppets Could Sing
Everett, Connie Willett  What Keeps Me Awake
Feen, Sandra Fragile Capacities: School Poems (forthcoming)
Finley, Mike   For the Young Poets of Cleveland

Finley, Mike  Newspaper Taxis Appear on the Shore
Fishel, Zach  Prayerbook Bouquet
Fishel, Zach  Thorn Bushes and Fish Hooks
Franke, Christopher  As the Caffeine Kicks In
Gainer, Bill  Louisiana Calling
Geither, Elise  Monologues for Poets
Gildzen, Alex  Passd Ports
Gildzen, Alex  Blossoms—a Collection of Poems in Celebration of the Poet's 70th BirthdayGildzen, Alex  Son of Hollywood
Gottl, T.M.  A Hurricane of Moths
Green, Russ  Gimme Back My Radio
Hambrick, Jennifer Unscathed
Harris, Jonathan  Dream Drive
Howey, Christine  Playing Tennis with the Net Down
Hurley, Bill and Pat  Hard to Swallow
Irwin, Jason  Where You Are
Johnston, Kara  Map Wrapping Paper Cradle Dangler
Kelly, Erren Geraud  Disturbing the Peace
Koniecki, Paul  After Working Hours
LaCharity, Ralph  beneath each Us & All
Landis, Geoffrey  The Book of Whimsy 
Lang, Jim  Coyote Moon
Lifshin, Lyn  Knife Edge & Absinthe—The Tango Poems
Lifshin, Lyn  Tangled as the Alphabet—The Istanbul Poems
Lifshin, Lyn  Moving Through Stained Glass—The Maple Poems 
Lifshin, Lyn  Little Dancer—The Degas Poems 
Lillis, Karen  The Paul Simon Project
Litzky, Tsaurah  Jerry in the Bardo
Litzky, Tsaurah  Full Lotus
McGuane, Jack  Chickenhawk
McGuane, Jack  Unfinished
McIntire, Jonie Beyond the Sidewalk
McNaugher, Heather  Double Life
Merricle, William  Chaos Theory

Moks-Unger, Marisa  Mud and Stars  Mullet, Robin & Holli Rainwater The Curve of Her Arm
Nicoletti, Joey  Earthquake Weather
Nicoletti, Joey  Shadow Traffic

Nicoletti, Joey Counterfeit Moon
Oaks, Amanda  Hurricane Mouth
Oet, Jacob  Peeling the ApplePowers, Jeanette  Gasconade
Provost, Terry  An Uncountable Infinity of Orgasms
Reinhart, John  Arson (forthcoming)
Rihn, Andrew  The Hunger Dictionary
Roberts, Andy  The Green World

Roberts, Andy  Pencil Pusher 
Roberts, Andy Yeasayer
Roberts, Andy You Know the Type
Roberts, Andy  Out of Blue
Salamon, Russell  Black Rainbow: All the Colors are Still There
Salmons, Chuck Patch Job
Santer, Rikki Make Me That Happy
Schmidt, Heather Ann  BatikSchubert, Karen Dear Youngstown (forthcoming)
Seidl, Laraine  Stitched Together
Shaheed, Margie  Mosaic
Shaheed, Margie  Onomatopoeia
Shaheed, Margie  Dream Catcher

Smith, Dan  The Liquid of Her Skin, the Suns of Her Eyes
Smith, Kathy  Firecracker Mandalas
Smith, Steven B.  Hip Cat Femur Whack Give a Doc a Bone
Staley, Tim The Most Honest Syllable is Shhh
Stanley, J.E.  Selected Regions of the Moon

St. John, Jake  Rotations
Stolte, Nathanael William  A Beggar's Prayer Book
Trautman, Kerry  Artifacts
Turzillo, Mary  A Guide to Endangered MonstersValentin, Julio untitled manuscript (forthcoming) 
Valvis, Jim  What Exactly Is a Valvis?
Wagner, D. R. The Generation of Forms
Walicki, Robert  The Almost Sound of Snow Falling
Wallace, George  sleeping beauty’s revenge
Wallace, George  The Hard Stuff
Wallace, George  Belt Buckles & Bibles
Wallace, George  Riding with Boom Boom
Wallace, George Drugged by Hollywood
Washington, RA  The Paris Notebooks
Wood, Rebecca  Black-Socket Sky

Zeimer, Beverly The Wildness of Flowers

Delirious- a poetic tribute to Prince anthology
Buzzkill Apocalypse-An End of the World Anthology

Lipsmack-A Sampler Platter of Poets from NightBallet Press, Year One 2012
Lipsmack-A Sampler Platter of Poets from NightBallet Press, Year Two 2013
Lipsmack-A Sampler Platter of Poets from NightBallet Press, Year Three 2014

Lipsmack-A Sampler Platter of Poets from NightBallet Press, Year Four 2015
Lipsmack-A Sampler Platter of Poets from NightBallet Press, Year Five 2016

and, coming soon, much more! 
Order online with PayPal, order through Amazon, or contact Dianne Borsenik, Editor/Publisher, at

Titles are available on Amazon, and in the Cleveland bookstores Mac's Backs on Coventry (look for the NightBallet Press bookshelf at the top of the stairs leading to the basement), and at Main Street Books in the Carousel District in Mansfield, Ohio.

Stay tuned for exciting details, including book releases and feature readings.

Night Ballet hopes to see YOU at a local poetry reading soon!

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