Tuesday, October 16, 2018


NightBallet Press is greatly pleased to announce the publication of
Fragile Capacities
by Sandra Feen!


Fragile Capacities, subtitled School Poems, is the result of a career spent in the classroom. In her 32-year career, Sandra Feen taught high school English, Creative Writing, QUEST, and Humanities, and twice won Teacher-of-the-Year at her school. Feen also taught adult evening high school for several years, along with writing workshops at Ohio State University, Clark State Community College, and Wright State University.

Fragile Capacities contains 40 pages of 21 poems. At times showing frustration, at other times, keen observation and an uncanny ear for dialogue, the poems range from poignant to tragic to triumphant, and Feen's Voice is strong and clear throughout the book.

Before the Tardy Bell

I'm supposed to give you a copy of my anxiety plan
so I don't do this no more
. Stacy holds up arms
sleeved in razor cuts; it says she's to smell lavender candles
next time she's upset. Another girl places
in my other hand her new schedule, just out of juvie.
Others eye an ankle bracelet as she ushers herself, wordless,
to the only seat left, the one in the back with swastikas
carved on its desktop. And the boy next to her
continues to throw spit wads, staples, spiral paper fringe
all over the 40-year-old carpet.
He thinks he can read my mind: Don't think
I'm gonna pick up that piece of trash 'cause that ain't
one I threw!
 A stink bug drops from the ceiling onto
a girl's syllabus. She screams, while another focuses
all her attention on my response to her question pronounced
as a statement: Let me go to the bathroom before the tardy bell.
I miscarried last night and need to go whenever I need to go.

Of Fragile Capacities, Terry Hermsen writes:

"The title of long-time teacher and ever-persistent poet Sandy Feen's new book of poems about her thirty years in the trenches of our schools says it all: we are--and have always been--creatures riding on our "fragile capacities" to foster genuine life, deep connection, and living communities. These poems are a testament to the difficulties our educators now face, when schools are expected to solve all our problems while the support for genuinely innovative instruction remains so weak. These poems let us as readers live that dilemma, and should be a required text for anyone trying to imagine a new world where schools are valued as places of transformation, where we spend more on shoring up our cities, supporting struggling families, and counseling our troubled youth, than on the next round of military deployment and fossil fuel subsidies. These poems show us where the real wars to be won are being fought in our inner city classrooms, by front-line-soldiers-of-the-heart known as our nation's teachers. I come away from this book realizing once again how essential it is that we give teachers credit for what they do--and the resources to truly make change."

Sandra Feen is a former associate editor of Pudding Magazine, and currently works as an independent poetry and urban fiction editor. A member of the poetry troupe Concrete Wink, she has also been a featured reader in and out of Ohio. She has a BFA in Creative Writing and a BS in English Education from Bowling Green State University, and an MA in Literature from Wright State University. She was one of twelve teachers selected for the National Endowment of the Arts' first "Change Course" program, through W.S.U.'s Institute on Writing and Its Teaching. Publications include Poetry Motel, Elastic Ekphrastic, and The Pudding House Gang. Her work has been commissioned as part of Thin Places: Poetry and Art Exhibits and Installations at Columbus, Ohio's Jung Haus, and for the Cap City Poets: Columbus and Central Ohio's Best Known, Read, and Requested Poets anthology. She lives in Grove City, Ohio.

Fragile Capacities will be officially released on Saturday, October 20, at Borderlands: Poetry on the Edge, held at Main Street Books in Mansfield, Ohio, from 2 pm to 4 pm, where Concrete Wink (Sandra Feen, Chuck Salmons, and Rikki Santer...NightBallet poets, all!) will be performing. (Rikki will have copies of her new Crisis Chronicles Book, as well.)
BUT! You can preorder Sandy's book right now, here through PayPal, and I'll put them in the envelope, ready to mail on Friday. Fragile Capacities is only $12 plus $3 shipping/handling. You know you want one! Don't be tardy...order now!  ;)

Pre-Order FRAGILE CAPACITIES by Sandra Feen


Thursday, October 4, 2018

AS FALLS TREES by Mark Danowsky!

NightBallet Press is pleased to announce the publication of
As Falls Trees
by Mark Danowsky!
NightBallet Press first met Mark Danowsky at the 2017 Western Maryland Independent Literary Festival in Frostburg, Maryland. Not long after that, he queried about sending a short manuscript of poetry to us. The result is As Falls Trees.

Danowsky chose the idiosyncratic title As Falls Trees deliberately. He "likes that it resists immediate comprehension, and that it leaves space for the reader to reflect and to use his/her own imagination or interpretation regarding it." All thirteen poems in the book relate in some way to the lives of trees. From the whimsical "An Open Letter To Mangroves" to the cautionary "Invasive" to the meditational "Cries of the Forest" to the celebratory "Chronology," Danowsky guides us through a forest of white walnuts, dawn redwoods, elms, and hemlocks to a clearing where "we both can survive a lightning strike."

NightBallet Press found it appropriate to release As Falls Trees during the 2018 Western Maryland Independent Literary Festival this past weekend, and delivered Danowsky's books to him there!


Danowsky is a writer from Philadelphia. His micro-chapbooks Nightfallen and Becoming aware of the tide were published by the Origami Poems Project in 2016, and are available free online. His poems have appeared in About Place, Gargoyle, Right Hand Pointing, Shot Glass Journal, and others. He is managing editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal and cofounder of Wood & Water Press.

As Falls Trees is only $5 with $3 shipping, and is available now to order through PayPal! Get your copy today!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Waiting for the Wind to Rise by M. J. Arcangelini!

NightBallet Press is excited to announce the publication of
Waiting for the Wind to Rise by Michael Joseph Arcangelini!

Season Eight is beginning early here at NightBallet Press--we usually publish our first book of the season in late September or early October--but this year we have so many great books to put out, we can't wait!

Waiting for the Wind to Rise is released today in conjunction with tonight's Belle, Missouri, reading featuring the cross-country-traveling Arcangelini, and Jason Ryberg. You can read about the reading's details HERE. It promises to be a fantastic reading, and NightBallet Press urges you to catch the reading if you can (we certainly wish we could be there)!

Waiting for the Wind to Rise is a phenomenal collection of poems by an accomplished poet. It contains twenty-six poems on forty pages, and includes a special arrangement of one of the poems, "Zombie Politics," by Cleveland-area poet Christopher Franke. The cover is printed on white linen card stock, and features stunningly beautiful art by Becky Hernandez (who will also be at the reading in Belle tonight).

The poems have tantalizing titles, such as "My Aging Prostate," "Future, Like a Gift," "Deer Berries," and "Marcus Has Sold His Pick-Up Truck." In them, Arcangelini exposes his body's responses to aging, explores cherished memories, and expresses his outrage at today's political happenings.

 (photo by Marcus Borgman, used with permission)

M. J. Arcangelini was born in 1952 in western Pennsylvania, and grew up there and in Cleveland, Ohio. He currently lives in west Sonoma County, California. He began writing poetry at age eleven, stories in his teens, and memoirs in his forties. His work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, and he has two previous books, With Fingers at the Tips of My Words (Beautiful Dreamers Press, 2002), and Room Enough(NightBallet Press, 2016). You can find his poetry, memoirs, and more at Joe's blog: https://joearky.wordpress.com/.

The best way to obtain a copy of Waiting for the Wind to Rise is by attending tonight's reading in Belle, Missouri, where you can meet Arcangelini in person, hear him read, and have him sign your book! But if you can't do that, you can order a copy right here at NBP, through PayPal (all you need is a credit or debit card--you don't have to be a member of PayPal to use it). This book is only ten dollars, with four dollars for shipping/handling. Get your copy now, and get a jump on a brand-new season at NBP!*

*(Our seasons, or subscription/publishing years, usually run from September to September.)

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


It's midsummer, and things are going swimmingly here at the press. Season Seven finished out with an appropriately "hot" book (Arson by John Reinhart), and we've bought a brand new printer (HP OfficeJet Pro 8710) to replace the one that gave out while printing sixty copies of The Studs Turkel Blues and The Ugly Side of the Lake for Jason Baldinger. With the next season we have planned, it's a relief to know the new printer is up and running and ready to go!

Our Season Eight, which is our eighth year in business, will officially begin in September, 2018. And what a season we have in store for you! We'll begin by jumping the gun and producing a book early in August.

Joe Arcangelini, a poet originally from Cleveland who now lives in California, is traveling cross-country with a stop in Belle, MO, for a reading. NightBallet Press will have his new book, Waiting for the Wind to Rise, ready for him as he sets out! We're working on proofreading it and designing the cover today.

After Joe's book, which is the second title we've published for him, we will be publishing Columbus-area poet Sandra Feen's Fragile Capacities, poems written after 32 years of teaching in an urban high school. They highlight "an array of students and all their delicious complexities" and why the profession is "cherished by each individual teacher." Pre-orders for this book are already available, in the left column right below the "donate" button.

As Falls Trees by Mark Danowsky

This tightly compact collection with the irregular title (the poet prefers you make up your own interpretation concerning its construction) is from a Philadelphia poet I met at the Frostburg Indie Fest last year, and will be released at this year's Frostburg Indie Fest.
Dear Youngstown by Karen Schubert

Karen Schubert, who is a longtime resident of Youngstown, OH, and a fabulous poet, is a dynamo as one of the directors of Lit Youngstown and the Fall Literary Festival taking place September 21 and 22, 2018.
The Curve of Her Arm by Robin Mullet and Holli Rainwater
This is a "collaboration of two poets, combining haiku and free verse in a theme-based collection of poems on the art and practice of qigong. The poetry goes beyond the movements ekphrastically to the emotions and memories brought to the forefront by the ancient form." The cover art, which was commissioned by NBP, is by Becky Hernandez, and is simply stunning!

We are very pleased to have the manuscripts to two collections from excellent and exceptional poets for whom we've published numerous titles in the past:

Capicola Slang by Joey Nicoletti
Leaning Toward Greenland by Andy Roberts

and an as-yet-untitled collection of poems by Buffalo poet Julio Montalvo Valentin. He writes of rice and Puerto Rico, and we're leaving the Spanish words in. 

This is only the beginning!  We plan on accepting at least two, and depending on how things go over the course of the coming months, maybe four, more manuscripts for the season. We already have several in hand and under consideration. Our goal is at least a dozen titles per season. Last season, we had fourteen!

The printer, ink, paper, cardstock, postage, business cards, envelopes, packing tape, staples, and pens are only a part of what makes NightBallet Press run smoothly. We have our covers professionally printed by a local family-owned print shop. We make regular runs out to Brunswick (about a forty minute drive) to obtain our paper and cardstock from another family-owned business. Wherever possible, we support other small presses and family-owned small businesses, and we travel to literary festivals to publicize and promote our poets and their books.

We have produced over one hundred titles for poets across the United States and Canada. We have used the art of over a dozen artists and photographers for our covers, and we actively seek out exciting new art for future covers.

To any-and-everyone who has ever bought a NightBallet Press book, promoted the press, given us a table at an indie/literary festival, invited us to particpate in workshops, ordered additional copies, subscribed, or donated money, THANK YOU. You make it possible for NBP to give voice to some of the best contemporary poets alive today. I appreciate you, from the bottom of my heart.

This midsummer, NBP offers you an opportunity to participate in this grand endeavor and to be directly responsible for the next season's publications, by joining the Wingman Club. What is the Wingman Club? It's a one-year subscription to the press, which will start August, 2018 and go through to September, 2019. For fifty dollars, you receive every book that we publish during Season Eight, including the ones listed above! We guarantee you'll get your money's worth!

Last year's books, 2017-2018 Season Seven, totaled 14 books at $126.00, before shipping. The total worth of next season's books is estimated to exceed one hundred dollars. This subscription offers an additional bonus: no charge for postage! That's a huge savings, in addition to the incredibly low cost of a subscription.

A wingman is someone who supports a friend or associate. Feel the wind beneath your wings and take advantage of this offer while you can!  (Due to the high cost of postage, this offer is only for residents inside the United States, but we are more than happy to make alternate arrangements for anyone outside the U.S. who wishes to subscribe! Just contact us and we'll discuss it.)

Support this small press and you'll know that your subscription donation is going directly into books we publish. We do not receive grants or funding from any outside source but YOU. Join NightBallet Press' Wingman Club and begin your one year subscription today! You'll receive your first book before the month is out!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Hot Hot Hot: ARSON by John Reinhart!

We are on a HOT streak here at NightBallet Press, and we don't mean the outside temperature (although it has been in the nineties this past week)...we mean poetry books that will set your mind aflame!

It's Independence Day, and we have a firecracker offering for you:
NightBallet is extremely pleased to announce the publication of Arson by John Reinhart!


Arson is a stand-out collection of poems that explores the themes of light and enlightenment, heat and ignition, in varying ways. The cover is printed on a light brown card stock, with visually exciting cover art - "Skeleton" - by Kevin Eberhart. The thick card stock insert is - of course - hot red. The book contains thirty-three poems on forty-four pages, printed on crisp cream-colored paper.

"I'm busy" is one of the editor's personal favorites among the special poems in this book:
I’m busy
writing a manifesto
for the Second Coming
and, Jesus Christ,

it’s too dramatic –
I mean, I could do without
all the fire and brimstone,
the wailing and gnashing –
let’s substitute some wood-fired
pizza, eaten around the hearthstone
in an alpine lodge while the Wailin’ Jennys
perform while the crowds nosh –
maybe the original plans were misunderstood,
maybe the Author had just taken a big bite
from a peanut butter sandwich –
on second thought, let’s just
scrap the whole thing. The end
of days doesn’t need a fucking manifesto
or roadmap or bullet-pointed agenda. Just let it
come, blow holes through our socks,
rattle the window panes, and disrupt
our Scrabble games, playing Johnny Cash songs
at top volume while lightning and thunder
and volcanoes erupt like pyrotechnics –
I’ll write the grocery list:
beer, cookies.


Perpetually sharpening his fiddle at the crossroads, John Reinhart is an arsonist, father of three, and poet. He was born in Denver, which suffered major fires in the 1860s, leading city officials to change building code standards. A long distance admirer of Herodotus and William Butler Yeats, he has encouraged his children to play with matches from an early age.

The recipient of the 2016 Horror Writers Association Dark Poetry Scholarship, he's won the Poetry Nook Weekly Contest and has been a Pushcart, Elgin, Rhysling, and Dwarf Stars awards nominee. His work ranges from fantastical to experimental, and has been published in Pedestal Magazine, Holy Shit!, Fleurs du Mal, Liquid Imagination, Popshot, Better Than Starbucks, and many others, various anthologies, and across seven collections of poetry. Find his work at http://home.hampshire.edu/~jcr00/reinhart.html, and on social media.

Arson is the fourteenth and final book in NightBallet's seventh season (year) of publishing vital, contemporary, exciting poetry. The new season - our eighth - will begin in late August/early September, with ten manuscripts in hand and scheduled for publication so far. Thank you to all who have been a part of the past seven amazing seasons!

Arson is only 12 dollars plus 3 dollars shipping/handling (USA customers only; all others, please email the editor at nightballetpress@gmail.com for information on shipping charges.) Come, celebrate the Fourth of July with us and order a copy of Arson today - I swear you can hear the crackle and boom of it from here!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Andy Roberts is Out of Blue!

NightBallet Press is very pleased to announce the publication of
Out of Blue by Ohio's own Andy Roberts!

Out of Blue is the fifth title NightBallet Press has published for Andy Roberts, and this collection of poems is outstanding. Michael F. Latza, editor of Willow Review, writes

"Andy Roberts invites us in to a life, a world of memory. He gives us a withdrawal slip to cash in at his overflowing bank of images and story. Out of Blue is a montage of music, nature, a keepsake of rotten-framed buildings with borders of pink and white petunias, triggered by the smells and tastes of apple butter, beans and franks, juicy fruit kisses, ham and cheese sandwiches eaten in a cemetery, washed down with a combination of sugared half-coffee milk and cigar ash. Peopled with fathers, sons, girlfriends, a loving wife, and bound-for-jail schoolyard buddies, Andy rings the bell of recollection within each of us, inviting us to enter his world, and to ponder our own."

Printed on a warm, pale caramel cardstock, Out of Blue features another stunning piece of art by Kevin Eberhardt, "China 1." Kevin Eberhardt's art has been featured on sixteen NightBallet Press covers, and we are truly grateful that he's given us permission to use his wonderful pieces to grace our books.

The text of Out of Blue, twenty-four poems on thirty-two pages, is printed on thick ivory paper. Roberts expresses the title and theme of the collection in this poem:

Out of Blue

Working on a book of poems
8:00 on an April evening, 

laptop on the table playing
"Kind of Blue" by Miles
and I say "Thank you, God,"
aloud. Apropos of nothing,
save I'm alive and "working."
Pure joy. Cigarette and a glass of
iced bourbon. Muted trumpet,
little bit of blue in the night sky
fading to black, drummer playing brushes.
I'm happy and I acknowledge it here
as a phosphorescent fingernail of moon
wanders east to west above the shingles,
my white plastic chair where I scratch down
notes about feeling good. Wonder where
the part about God comes in. But I'll take it,
I'll take it, and smile as I'm doing so.
Here on the patio with my computer,
glass of bourbon and the night sky growing
a little darker every minute, a little richer every minute.

Roberts is a master of story-telling and recollection. Enter his world of "Geezers," "Egg Rolls," and "Walking Stick," and find yourself aching to see what's around the next curve in the road.

Andy Roberts is a four-time Pushcart Prize nominee, and is the author of eight collections of poetry. His work has appeared in a wide array of literary journals and small press publications since the mid 1980s. He lives in Columbus, Ohio, where he handles finances for disabled veterans.

Out of Blue is available from NightBallet Press through PayPal--you don't have to be a member of PayPal to order; all you need is a credit or debit card. Order your copy today!
(USA customers only; for customers outside the USA, please email nightballetpress@gmail.com for details on postage payment)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

THE UGLY SIDE OF THE LAKE by Jason Baldinger & John Dorsey!

NightBallet Press is delighted to announce the publication of The Ugly Side of the Lake, by Jason Baldinger and John Dorsey!

I was approached by Jason Baldinger and John Dorsey after our reading together in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, last April and they asked if NightBallet Press would like to see a new, very short manuscript of poems. I love the poems that Baldinger and Dorsey write, and the idea of a collaboration intrigued me, so I said sure, why not? This book is a result.

The Ugly Side of the Lake is a wild road trip through the Midwestern rust belt, with memorable pit stops and epiphanies along the way. The poems by Baldinger and Dorsey are printed alternately, with the stories they tell opposite each other, so the reader can see the same scene through two different pairs of eyes. As I worked on the book, I felt like I was buckled in beside them, going along for the ride!

The Ugly Side of the Lake is twenty pages long and contains twelve poems (appearing Baldinger, then Dorsey):

Postcard from Belle Missouri
At Popeyze Bar & Restaurant
J & J's
J & J's Café on a Sunday Afternoon
Oscar's Diner
At Oscar's Classic Diner
The Glory Hole
At the Glory Hole
Postcard from Rolla Missouri
What Happens in Baltimore

These poems are new and powerful, and except for the occasional post on Facebook, have not appeared elsewhere!

Doing this book for Baldinger and Dorsey also gave NBP the opportunity to showcase a new and gifted artist: Matt Borczon of Erie, Pennsylvania, who graciously allowed us to use his brilliant collage, "Hellbilly," for the cover.

John Dorsey is the author of around fifty books and chapbooks; two of his most recent are Shoot the Messenger (Red Flag Press, 2017) and Being the Fire (Tangerine Press, 2016). His work has appeared in more than two thousand magazines and anthologies around the world. From 2003 to 2012, he served as an Artist-in-Residence at the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio, and in 2015, was awarded a Visiting Artist Residency by the Osage Arts Community in Belle, Missouri, where he currently resides. In 2017, Dorsey was appointed Belle's Poet Laureate by Mayor Steve Vogt, and he has founded the city's first literary publication, Gasconade Review.


Jason Baldinger is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Recent publications include the chaplet Fumbles Relevations (Grackle and Crow), Unconditional Surrender: An Anthology of Love Poems (Low Ghost Press), Rusty Truck, The Dope Fiend Daily, Lilliput Review, Nerve Cowboy, Zombie Logic Press, The Ramingo's Porch, Blue Mountain Review, and Heartland! Poetry of Love, Solidarity and Resistance (online). Forthcoming is Fragments of a Rainy Season from Six Gallery Press in early 2019. You can hear Baldinger read some poems on recent and forthcoming releases by Theremonster and Sub Pop recording artists The Gotobeds, as well as at jasonbaldinger.bandcamp.com.

The printer was running hot yesterday with an initial print run of 120 copies, and The Ugly Side of the Lake is available for immediate mailing!  NightBallet uses PayPal, the secure way to pay. Get your copy now for only $5 plus $3 shipping/handling!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Loss and Foundering by John Burroughs - Reviews!

NightBallet Press is pleased to report that John Burroughs and I just returned from an exciting reading tour in the Midwest. Everywhere we went, John read from his new NBP book, Loss and Foundering, which is gathering some very nice reviews. Here are some of the reviews, with many thanks to the reviewers and readers, and some photos of John reading his work.

"This is truly a fabulous book. From the succinct haiku to the longer poems of anguish and wonderment, this is a book from a poet who has plunged the depth. There is joy to Burroughs also. A joy in the recognition of existence, a joy to be found in the revelation of honesty in the face of sorrow. To say the least, this book kicked my ass and will be a book that I go back to again and again."
--John Greiner

"Heartbreaking and humorous by turns. Excellent wordplay. I enjoyed each poem, but I found several that demanded to be read aloud. So I did, and reveled in the sound of the words. I will read -- and speak -- these poems again and again."
-- Susan Lime

"Burroughs is a skilled explorer of language. This book, as his others continues to appreciate and push our crazy language as he explores grief, politics, and staying afloat through it all. Several of the poems are pure and heartbreaking. All of the poems are surprising and so worth our attention."
--S Stephanie

You can get  your very own copy of Loss and Foundering, and read all about its publication, HERE.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

GASCONADE by Jeanette Powers!

NightBallet Press is incredibly honored and proud to announce the imminent publication of a new book of poems:
Gasconade, by Jeanette Powers

Gasconade is a delightful romp through the little moments that matter, the big stories that define a life, and the special people one never forgets. Powers artfully tells tales and repeats conversations, letting the reader in on secrets, epiphanies, and hilarities, sometimes thrilling, sometimes gruesome, always fascinating.

Gasconade features a beautiful front cover art piece, "Opossom Gorget 11.9.16 Collage" by Bree, and contains sixteen poems on thirty-two pages. The cover is a thick, textured ivory card stock and the textured card stock insert is a pale robin's egg blue. The poems are printed on creamy ivory paper. The initial print run is seventy copies.


Jeanette Powers, is a lover of writing, rivers, and solitude, with a conviction about irreverence and an impish delight in disobedience. Her books of poetry range from wild surrealism to feminist rage, but Gasconade is the first to explore storytelling  about her country to city life. She is the author of six books of poetry, most recently Perfectly Good Muses (Spartan Press, 2017).  She's been published a bit here and there, performed a bit once and again, and focuses much of her time community building with the generative performance venue Uptown Arts Bar and the residency program at Osage Arts Community. And yes, her eyes really are that blue.

Gasconade will be released on Saturday, April 14, 2018, at the FountainVerse Poetry Reading, Overland Park, Kansas, at the InterBurban ArtHouse, 6 to 8 pm. Loss and Foundering, the powerful new book of poetry by John Burroughs, will be available at this event as well, with Powers, Burroughs, Jason Preu, and Dianne Borsenik feature reading from their books.

Gasconade is available for mail order beginning TODAY, Thursday, April 11 (although, as NightBallet Press is going on the road over the next week,  no copies will be mailed before April 18). At $5 plus $3 shipping/handling, it's a real steal! You don't have to be a member of PayPal to order; just have a credit or debit card handy. (USA customers only; for outside the US, please email the editor at nightballetpress@gmail.com for postage costs.) (Pre)order your copy today!

Friday, April 6, 2018


Today is a very special day in the NightBallet universe: Today, we get to celebrate National Poetry Month with a Release, a Reading and a Reception!

We are ecstatic to announce the publication and release of a new collection of poems by John Burroughs, Loss and Foundering!


Loss and Foundering contains poems written by John Burroughs during the past nine turbulent years of his life. Confessional and raw, these poems reveal a heart both broken and healing through the power of love.

Diane Kendig, author of Prison Terms (Main Street Rag, 2018), writes:

"And while the poet is experiencing all these losses and his 'bark founders,' ... his poetry boat stays afloat ... to the fantastic music of puns, echo puns, rhyme and chime and rhythm."

Alex Gildzen, author of The Arrow That Is Hollywood Pierces the Soul That Is Me (2011) and Son of Hollywood (2018), writes:

"John Burroughs finds himself in a 'city of lost places.' that means he discovers himself living there but it also means that in that living he finds himself. by allowing us to follow him we recognize our losses & learn their light."

Loss and Foundering contains 36 pages of 24 poems. Front cover artwork is a collage, "Ohm 10.26.17" by Bree, enhanced with raindrops by Dianne Borsenik with Photo Lab PRO.The cover card stock is a linen-textured, pale dove gray, and the card stock insert is a deep royal blue. The poems are printed on a crisp white paper.

To buy Loss and Foundering, you may use the Buy Now button to order directly from the press, or you contact John Burroughs through his website for a signed copy. The cost is $10 plus $3 shipping, U.S. customers only. For outside the U.S., please contact the editor at nightballetpress@gmail.com for shipping charges.



John Burroughs is a dynamic, nationally-touring poet and performer from the Cleveland area, and is the author of a dozen-plus books, including Beat Attitude and The Eater of the Absurd, both from NightBallet Press. In various past lives, he served as playwright-in-residence for the Ministry of Theatre at Marion Correctional Institution, his blog was ranked #1 on MySpace, he won the first poetry slam he competed in, and he cofounded the infamous Lix & Kix Poetry Extravaganza reading series and the almost-annual Snoetry: A Winter Wordfest. He is probably most proud of his work since 2008 as the founding editor of Crisis Chronicles Press. Learn more at Crisis Chronicles.


                          THE RECEPTION, THE READING, THE RELEASE


Loss and Foundering makes its debut at the Appletree Books Reading and Reception this evening (Friday, April 6, 2018) at 6 pm, with John Burroughs present to sign his books.

Appletree Books
12419 Cedar Rd.
Cleveland Heights, OH

The Reception celebrates National Poetry Month, and honors NightBallet Press for decorating Appletree's two front windows with eleven NBP titles (all by Ohioan or former Ohioan poets). The theme of the window dressing is "Poetry Is SO Succulent!" and will remain in place during the entire month of April.

The Reading highlights NightBallet Press poets, and we are OVER THE MOON to feature three fantastic poets, Rikki Santer, Steve Abbott, and Chuck Salmons. Huge thanks to these poets for graciously consenting to make the trek from Columbus, Ohio, to Cleveland for the event. They will be reading and signing their books between 6 pm and 8 pm, and we invite you to join us - the event is free and open to the public!
Books featured in the windows include Toledo-area poets Jonie McIntire and Kerry Trautman, Columbus-area poets Pat Hurley, Steve Abbott, Rikki Santer, and Chuck Salmons, former Clevelanders Alex Gildzen and M. J. Arcangelini, and Cleveland poets Christine Howey, Margie Shaheed, and John Burroughs. Cover art by former Clevelander Bree and Ohioan Kevin Eberhardt are featured.

Many thanks to Lynn Quintrell and Jane Rothstein for inviting NBP to decorate the windows at Appletree Books, and for giving us the privilege of not only attending tonight's Reception, but for allowing us to have John Burroughs' book release and signing in the bookstore. You know you rock!

NightBallet Press is grateful to all its poets, wingmen, readers, supporters, and friends for the opportunities given it to publish and promote the wonderful world of poetry. Hugs!